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Todays long term care environment can make you feel like you are putting together the pieces of a complex puzzle. A demand for high quality care and reductions in reimbursement have created challenges that every healthcare organization is forced to face. The success of any organization is based upon its ability to rise to the challenge and find the solution to the puzzle.


Based on the extensive experience and knowledge of our staff, Premier Healthcare Resources is able to develop solutions that assist our clients in achieving successful fiscal, clinical, and operational outcomes. We can also help your staff develop the skills they require to provide your residents with the best quality of care with our education and training sessions or consulting support services.


We provide our clients with high quality long term care services to an expanding elderly population by assisting in implementing programs to meet the needs of the residents and control the costs to the facility owners.


Our employees include administrators, registered nurses, and accountants with experience in every aspect of long-term care in government, non-profit, and proprietary sectors of the field.


From consulting and education to management support services, our team is prepared to partner with you and your facility to provide guidance every step of the way through the ever changing world of long-term care.

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